What is the Gather Training ?

Why to buy it ? Why to use Gather ? What is inside the training ?

Gather town

The first complete training

Learn how to master and to use the video chat platform designed to make virtual interactions more human. It is a free service for up to 25 people, which allows you to chat in audio, video and chat with your friends, your family, your colleagues in a gamified environment. THE most powerful platform to quickly design virtual spaces.
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What are you waiting for to create your office?


Discover the onlinecourse

    1. Gather.town Overview

    2. Understanding the Pricing

    3. Examples of what you are able to build

    4. Create your account and onboarding

    1. The Gather.town interface

    2. Enable Interface 2.0 (Updated March 16, 2022)

    3. The MapMaker: Building your first walls and floors

    4. The MapMaker: Placing your first objects

    5. The MapMaker: Managing Tiles effects

    6. The MapMaker: The different levels

    7. Discover your first space

    1. Invite people to your space

    2. Exploring Gather.town Extensions

    1. Organize an event from A to Z (Map, Landing page, etc.)

    2. My top tips on using Gather town

    1. Thanks u !

About this course

  • $250.00
  • 18 lessons


Stan Verjus

Gather Town Expert

Hello, It's Stanislas Verjus, but you can call me Stan. I'm your trainer at Gather.town. I am also an administrator of the Slack of No-Code France. I stream No-Code and chat on Twitch. I studied journalism at EFJ and launched my No-Code training company from 2019 to 2021. Otherwise, I wrote 2 books on No-Code that you can find right here at free price. See you in training?

Launch your virtual space in 3 clicks

Social proof: testimonials

“Thank you Stanislas for this training. I knew very little about the Gather Town tool and I'm very happy with what I was able to learn. The training is well thought out, you really feel the increase in skills as you go along. The good practices at the end are real nuggets. I really want now to get started and create my own virtual office. Well done !”

Xavier Agapé

“A very clear training with concrete cases applicable the same day in business. All scenarios are covered: office, event, conference. The tool makes you want to get started and I even had new ideas for use thanks to the "tips" section.”

Laura Boyer

“Super clear and rather fast training (1h30). Gather.town no longer holds any secrets for me thanks to Stan's advice! A step-by-step evolution to know all the facets of this tool which allows you to create social interactions even at a distance! I had a great time”

Valentine Rollin